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Virginia Volunteer Farm

Do you wish you could do more to help feed people in our community?

How about reliving the "good old days" when you were growing up on the farm? We have an opportunity to get out there and make a real difference by helping to grow much needed produce for regional feeding programs.

The farm is just that – a farm run by volunteers. It is a working branch of the World Foundation for Children and is a non-profit charitable program associated with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. All produce grown on the farm is donated directly to feed the hungry.

St. Matthews began a new mission in 2008 by sending three groups of volunteers to assist at the Volunteer Farm of Woodstock, Virginia. A total of twenty-three volunteers from Saint Matthew’s helped prepare fields for planting by removing rocks from fields, tilling rows of onions and corn, and assisted with record keeping and office work. Financial donations were made as well. That first year we participated, the harvest at the farm (which is staffed entirely by volunteers) totaled 70,090 pounds of fresh vegetables, double the production the year before. Produce was loaded in the field and sent directly to 430 food pantries, soup kitchens, and other food distribution organizations in the area - providing fresh, healthful food to those in need.  Vegetables are also distributed through the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, serving 130,000 people annually from Buena Vista to Loudoun County.

How You Can Help

Watch Saint Matthew's bulletins and newsletters for details of upcoming chances to get down and dirty feeding the hungry!  You can also contact Darrell Breed at 703-444-2451 or for more information. Also feel free to visit the farm’s website at for information or to make a donation to help the mission of the farm.

Help Lead at St. Matthew's

If you would like to join the Virginia Volunteer Farm leadership team at St. Matthew's, please email  The more the merrier!